We represent a group of IT solutions bringing over 11 years of experiences in the IT field, in areas of networking, hardware and software solutions to Data center. Our solutions combine years of experience with HP products, Acer, Microsoft products, Oracle, CISCO, and many IT solution based Products.
  • Networking

    Complex computer networks demand expert design, engineering, and installation. Building a communication infrastructure that adapts to your business today and meets future needs begins with a company that understands those requirements and delivers. It will ensure performance, reliability, and manageability throughout your network. Trijaya specializes in support, long-term relationships, reliability and integrity.

    We have our clients best interests in mind. Our comprehensive installation team use the best products backed up with technical expertise. This allows you to be able to upgrade your system in the future.

    We guarantee our support and manage the warranties of the products we install. We want you to be a satisfied customer and we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

    Wireless data communications has transformed the business world by improving efficiency and productivity in the supply chain. With a long-time commitment to enable the mobile worker, Trijaya partners with Alcatel, Cisco, Linksys, ProCurve, D-Link, Nortel Firetide and Allied Telesis to offer industry leading, full featured connectivity products providing wired and wireless access to enable enterprise access to data at its point of origin. These Partnership ensures that Trijaya Networking solution are fully interoperable with IT Infrastructure, SOHO to Corporate LAN/WAN/MAN. These allow seamless integration your Infrastructure with a Unified Network architecture whether you Business needs a simple IT solution  SOHO to Corporate wide network design and consulting, Our Solutions offers a wide range of technology solutions to ensure your business gets what it needs.

    Not only will we guide you through the maze of cables and flashing LEDs, we will fully outline the scope of the network and provide you with detailed diagrams and breakdowns in our industry leading "On-site Manual".  We can offer you a range of market-leading solutions around the technology areas of IP Communications, Secure Networking


     1. Switching and Cabling
     2. LAN/WAN Workgroup/Collaborations
     3. Filtering, Load Balancing and more
     4. SMS/Mobile Wireless
     5. Unified Threat Management/Firewall/VPN
     6. Control, Policy Management and more
     7. Wireless Networking
     8. Local Area Networks
     9. VoIP Communication
    10. VPN Solutions
    11. Fibre Optics Solutions
    12. RFID Solutions
    13. Online Storage Solutions
    14. Mobile Computing
    15. Email/Content/Web/Gateway/Server Security
    16. Technology Integration
    17. Compliance
    18. Threat & Risk Assessments
    19. Professional & Managed Services

    Complete and customized documentation in the form of a Total Solutions "On-Site Manual" that provides easy, centralized access to all of your network configuration and security information. From implementing a router for high speed Internet access to implementing a hub in your local branch office, we have the staff, expertise, and service to make it happen.


  • Security

    TRIJAYA Systems provides a comprehensive set of services to align your Security Needs with your Business Objectives to enable business continuity. We will help you protect your network Whether you need dedicated IT professionals to help design your new network, manage your existing network, secure your network or perform vulnerability testing to see just how secure your current network is, we have the people and resources to get it done quickly and within your budget. TRIJAYA can provide the people, process and technology to help your organization: 

    1. Perform a Security Audit to determine the effectiveness of the security currently in place.
    2. Perform Vulnerability Assessment testing on a recurring basis to ensure that security policies          are being enforced appropriately and that no irregularities have developed as the network has      evolved; use the results of these audits to modify the security policies and the technology             implemented as needed.
    3. Establish a corporate security policy that defines the security goals of organization.Implement network security technologies in a comprehensive and layered approach so that the enterprise does not rely exclusively upon one technology.
    4. Monitor and assess ongoing security threats and update to your security model to stay ahead.


  • Data Centre
    ::Data Centre::

    We provide a full portfolio of Data Centre Solution, services, management technologies and support services for Console Data Centre infrastructures environments. Through our business groups, we work with organizations to realize the benefits of inter-Console Data Center - helping them change the way they use information to enhance their Centralized Control with Scalability, Remote Access, Security, Flexibility, competitiveness, and responsiveness. We evaluate, design, install, integrate, maintain and support open multi-vendor Data Centre solutions to maximize systems availability, minimize costs and improve end-user productivity.

    TRIJAYA has been recognized a Data Center Integrator in Indonesia with proven skills and respected experience in helping customers to improve their infrastructures and achieve higher productivity. We have been providing the Data center solution such as:

     2. Design
     3. Cabling
     4. Raised Floor
     5. Cooling system
     6. Protection
     7. Security
     9. Rack-Hardware
    10. Remote Monitoring & CCTV
    11. Maintenance

  • Technology Compliance and Integration
    ::Technology Compliance and Integration::

    With the emergence of compliance as one of the key business challenges Indonesian business face Trijaya can help shed light on what can be an uncertain area for IT and Business decision makers. Our general frameworks of activity support to enforce protection of information, privacy and transparency of information. Whether it is the challenge of meeting specific regulatory compliance requirements; beside the implementation of a best practice framework; our team of experienced consultants will ensure maximum business benefit will be derived from the process. Whilst there is no single “silver bullet” to mitigate all security threats, Trijaya firmly believe that filling the network with every latest and greatest technology is not the answer either. We pride ourselves on understanding your business as a whole, the individual way IT systems and staff support the functions of the business and how security will enable increased efficiency and effectiveness without impeding the overall goals of the business. With that in mind Trijaya have four key areas of technology integration.

    Compiling the perimeter of the network and access to the resources located on it is essential. However as the resources of the network become often not compliable, Where different vendor access provided to staff, business partners and clients, Trijaya provides a integrated range of compiling control solutions each focused on operational efficiency of network whilst providing the flexibility your business requires.

    1.       Total Networking operational efficiency
    2.       Layered based Operational Compliance
    3.       Application Integration & compliance
    4.       Hardware & software Lifecycle
    5.       The remote corporate/controlled device integration
    6.       The remote non corporate/uncontrolled device Integration Isochronize
    7.       Reengineering and redesigning
    8.       IT Policy Enforcement
     IT Master Plan & Audit

    Trijaya has a range of solutions which can be deployed to ensure management, accountability and total satisfaction. This will allow you to improve efficiency and cost decreasing.

  • Services and Maintenance
    ::Services and Maintenance::

    Our range of clients use services has been designed to enable to operate your network as efficiently as possible. Our highly skilled installations team bring with them years of experience and industry qualifications. We service and maintain your computer equipment, servers, as well as workstations. We troubleshoot them if required; make them run faster, more stable and comfortable to work on. Our services include:


    1. Total Implementation
    2. Internal and External Networking fix
    3. Network & communications design and implementation
    4. Network Security Solution & maintenance
    5. High speed Layer 2 and 3 Ethernet networks
    6. High performance Official networks from worldwide brands service
    7. Complete internet connectivity solutions utilizing various broadband solutions from cable and DSL to 8. dedicated ISDN.
    9. Remote management and monitoring of your network equipment.


    Given the various day-to-day concerns facing businesses in a rapidly changing commercial environment, the task of staying abreast of ongoing developments and upgrades to existing software becomes a burden upon time and resources that is easily neglected. Yet without such attention to detail even the most substantial improvements to technological infrastructure will become obsolete. At Trijaya we are mindful of the need to protect our clients’ investments against such a risk. By establishing solution-service renewal reminders and notifying clients exactly when an upgrade is released, our ongoing support ensures that our clients always stay one step clear of the rest.

  • Training

    The key to our success has always been around the service that we offer our clients.
    Trijaya offer a range of  services across all of our specialized areas including Implementation training.
    Whether it be leading or assisting with compliance requirements, conducting risks assessments or working with your business from initial project scoping, training to project delivery and ongoing support.
    Trijaya also offers a range of bespoke managed Educational Training across a broad range of installation and operational areas.
    By bringing together a combination of technologies, procedures and expert accredited engineers Trijaya enables your business and staff to concentrate on core business functions whilst onsite training to the our experts.

  • IT Infrastructure
    ::IT Infrastructure::

    Trijaya is in the business of developing specialist solutions and integrating the "best of breed" technologies and packaged systems as a part of our end-to-end service offering. Trijaya have established strong relationships with key organizations to deliver technology integration programs, our expertise is in delivering major systems integration, business application management and manage projects to deliver a solid foundation to build your applications and system processes. From the initial specification, network design and configuration to physical installation, setup and maintenance of your environment we can help facilitate the ongoing growth of your business. 


     1. Hardware and Software Supply
     2. Personal Productivity Solutions
     3. Fix, Maintenance
     4. Technical Consultation
     5. Server, Network and Client Support
     6. Project Management
     7. Installation and Engineering
     8. Security
     9. Customized SLA
    10. Software & Hardware Compliance
    11. Storage, Back-up, Restore
    12. Management of IT Assets


  • IT Consultancy & Knowledge Management
    ::IT Consultancy & Knowledge Management::

    Specializing in the design and implementation of high availability, storage, disaster recovery and backup solutions Trijaya can cater for all your IT requirements.
    With over 11 years experience within the IT industry Trijaya’s customers can be assured that we have the experience to provide both the right solution and have the technical support and resources to deliver on time in a fast efficient manner. With extensive product knowledge Trijaya will deliver seamless solutions to meet your challenging business needs.

    We can help you plan your IT strategy and put in place an infrastructure that will let you move ahead with complete confidence. By providing the best possible advice, products, installation, training and technical support, we will make sure you are in a position to maximize the benefits of IT.
    The core principles of Trijaya are based upon the right personnel, to do the right job, in a fast effective and professional manner. The Mission Statement of Trijaya is to be a highly respected efficient organization providing the right solution and advice to its clients. Trijaya clients are regularly advised on:



     1. Complete PC consultancy and implementation
     2. IT Infrastructure consultancy and design
     3. Network and server security consultancy
     4. Network & communications design and implementation
     5. Server configuration and optimization
     6. Application image design and management
     7. Project management
     8. Hardware and software upgrade consultancy
     9. Lifecycle management
    10. Mobile/remote user connectivity
    11. Data storage, back-up and high availability


    Our team of Consultants can provide pre and post sales advice on a wide range of business issues. A high ratio of Consultants to customers ensures a level of service and expertise which is the envy of the industry and has been key to retaining so many long term customers. Get all the important tips, tools, and resources you need to get a successful upgrade or stable IT platform.